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Katy Perry Extends ‘Olive Branch’ Letter To Taylor Swift

'Deeply sorry'

There’s no secret that there has been no love lost between Katy Perry and Taylor Swift for years, but it seems the pair are now finally ready to bury the hatchett and put it all behind them.

Taylor received a letter from Katy which she shared on Instagram, describing it as an “actual olive branch”.

“I just got to my dressing room and found this actual olive branch. This means so much to me.”

The letter, while partially obscured, read, “Hey Old Friend — I’ve been doing some reflecting on past miscommunications and hurt feelings between us.

You could also see where it read, “deeply sorry” and wanted to “clear the air.”

Katy opened up about the feud last year, speaking to The Thrive Global Podcast, saying she was “ready to let it go”.

“I forgive her and I’m sorry for anything I ever did, and I hope the same from her … I love her, and I want the best for her. And I think she’s a fantastic songwriter.”

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