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Kayla Boyd Opens Up About The Cruel Backlash She Faced Over Abortion

'I got called a murderer, a killer and that I don’t deserve the gift of life'

NRL WAG Kayla Boyd is living proof that being the wife of a high-profile footballer is not as glamorous and easy as some might imagine. 


Earlier this year Kayla – wife of Broncos captain Darius Boyd – penned a powerful blog post about her decision to have an abortion following a heartbreaking miscarriage. 


Following the emotional post, the mother-of-one copped a barrage of criticism and sat down with Channel 9 this week to open up about the backlash.


“I got called a murderer, a killer and that I don’t deserve the gift of life,” she revealed to the TV audience of the destructive online bullying she was subjected to.


“People said they wished I’d never fall pregnant again.”


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In her original post, she admitted to feeling anxious when she found out she was expecting again, and after struggling with a difficult first pregnancy, she said she wasn’t ready to go through it all again.


“This time it didn’t quite feel the same. For whatever reason I didn’t feel happy about it, I felt sad, I felt lost, I felt confused and I felt scared sh*tless,” she wrote.


Outlining a number of factors that led to her decision, she ultimately said it was the right thing to do at that time for her and her family.


“Importantly, I terminated because it wasn’t the right time in my life to have another child and it was the right decision for me and my family.”


In the interview, Kayla also opened up about the difficult times she and husband Darius faced during their marriage, to do with his extra-marital affairs and depression, and headlines this morning suggested the abortion had something to do with this.


Now Kayla has come out slamming the network for editing the footage to make it appear like she broke down talking about their marriage when in fact she was talking about the cyber bullying she faced following her blogpost.

“The parts of me crying was not when I was talking about my marriage, it was when I was asked about how the cyber bullying made me feel,” she wrote.


“They edited it as though it was the other way around. The whole purpose of my interview with@ben_dobbin was to raise awareness on mental health, depression, being with someone with a mental illness (the hard times that come with it) and to touch light on cyber bullying.”

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