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Inside Kayla Itsines’ Surprise Engagement Party

The pregnant fitness blogger shows of her growing bump

We’re used to seeing Adelaide-based fitness blogger Kayla Itsines in her activewear, yet we rarely see the 27-year-old in a red carpet worthy ensemble. When it comes to celebrating her engagement to Tobi Pearce and the impending birth of their first baby, Kayla looked radiant in a white strapless dress and high-ponytail. 

Tobi, who proposed to his girlfriend of five years in April, managed to keep the lavish engagement party for 130 guests a surprise, even blindfolding Kayla and giving her only 15 minutes to get ready. A romantic manoeuvre which Kayla in a flood of tears. Taking to Instagram Itsines gushed, “I honestly just started crying! We’ve been so busy, I totally forgot to take a second to celebrate our life.”

When sharing the story behind Tobi’s surprise to her 10.9 million Instagram followers, Kayla wrote: “Last night we flew back from Melbourne and [Pearce] was silent in the car. I said, ‘I feel like something is weird’. He smiled and said, ‘… you have an hour to get ready’. I said ‘WHAT? .. for what? Where are we going’. He didn’t respond. He dropped me off at my friend’s dress shop, there was a make-up artist, hairdresser and 5 dress options on the table.

“I was thinking … what is GOING ON!!? I got ready and got back in the car. He handed me a blindfold, 15 minutes later he walked me slowly into our house where he took OFF my blindfold and there was 130 family and friends around us in a marquee.”

Kayla, who revealed she’s having a baby girl in May, told Australian Women’s Health of her excitement to be starting a family.  

“I’ve wanted kids ever since I met Tobi and it’s something we have always talked about,” she said. “It turns out that when we were ready it was just perfect timing. I think he will make the most perfect father, I’ve never seen him so excited about anything. He has already planned the funniest fluffy outfits for our winter baby and he talks to my tummy every morning and night.”

The couple met at the gym in 2012 and have gone on to build a fitness empire worth an estimated $486 million.

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