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Keira Maguire Explains The Real Reason She And Jarrod Woodgate Split

'Jarrod didn't like the fact I didn't have a full-time job'

Keira Maguire is without a doubt one of the most colourful characters to emerge from the Bachelor franchise, and now that she’s back on the market after her shock split with Jarrod Woodgate, she says she’d be up to take on the role of Australia’s next Bachelorette.

“Jarrod broke Keira’s heart – she was picturing marriage and babies with this guy, and then he just dumped her!” a source told NW.

“So she’s going to make sure she has the last laugh by looking for love on TV again, and reminding him of what he threw away.”

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And it might not be too far-fetched, with audiences warming to the outspoken blonde after her turn on Bachelor In Paradise.

“Everyone has discovered a sweeter side to Keira – and more than ever they want her to have her happily ever after,” added the source. “And there’s no doubt that she’s keen – she’s wanted this opportunity for so long!”

Keira opened up to WHO about the split, clearing up any rumours about why their relationship didn’t work out.

“Jarrod didn’t like the fact I didn’t have a full-time job,” she told the magazine.  “Because my job was doing endorsements and he’s about working hard in a nine-to-five job.”

“I never thought he would get up and leave me and that’s what he did. He walked away from everything,” Keira added.

Keira announced the split last week via Instagram, confirming that they had gone their separate ways after nine months together.

“I’m sorry if anyone is disappointed or I have let anyone down,” a heartbroken Keira shared, before adding, “Please respect our privacy as this is a very hard time for me”.

Keira and Jarrod were together for nine months, emerged from BIP one of the strongest couples, and quickly moved in together and had even talked of marriage and babies.

The couple were an unlikely pairing, with Keira emerging as “the villain” on her season of The Bachelor with Richie Strahan while Jarrod was dubbed the “stage-five clinger” when he became runner-up on The Bachelorette with Sophie Monk.

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