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Kelly Bishop Just Revealed News About A Potential ‘Gilmore Girls’ Revival

There are questions we still need answered.

Fans around the world collectively screamed when Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life was released back in 2016. Finally, we’d receive answers to the questions we’d had swirling in our minds since 2007. Did Rory and Logan end up together? Are Lorelai and Luke still together? Does Kirk still work at every single store in Stars Hollow?

Unfortunately, the bombshell revival episode actually left us with more questions than answers. The cliff-hanger which saw Rory announce her pregnancy was almost too much to bear, but it’s exactly how the show’s creator Amy Sherman-Palladino wanted it to end.

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While a few members of the cast have previously seemed optimistic about the chances of a revival, at least one original cast member is almost certain it won’t be happening. In a recent interview with Town & Country magazine, Kelly Bishop (who played Emily Gilmore) has shut down almost any hope we had.

“I honestly think it’s very unlikely that kind of a situation could be pulled together because so many of the important actors in it, they’ve all gone their separate ways and have other projects and other things to do. It would have to be like a continuation of those four extra episodes, but I just don’t see it happening,” she said.

Even Bishop herself believes there are a few unanswered questions that still need to be addressed, but scheduling conflicts make it tricky for everyone to reunite. All we’re hearing is that it might not be completely off the cards, so we’re definitely still holding out hope.

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Without Emily Gilmore, the show simply wouldn’t have been what it was. And, as for whether or not she’d be interested in reprising her role as the ruthless, yet endearing matriarch, it seems Bishop still holds a place for Emily Gilmore in her heart.

“We all loved it, and there might be some opportunity, but it doesn’t seem too likely. But sure, I’d play her again. I’d love to.”

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