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Kendall and Kylie Have A Stunning Cousin You’ve Never Heard Of, But Soon Will

Prepare yourselves

What does the world definitely not need more of? Kardashians. But here we are: the internet has just unearthed a brand new one (no offense to her, we’re sure she’s lovely): Natalie Zettel, 18-year-old budding model with Jenner blood coursing through her veins.

Zettel is the daughter of Kris Jenner’s sister, Karen Houghton, Elle US reports. Why have they been keeping her secret for so long? We can only guess that it’s because she only has a measly 5000-odd Instagram followers, which probably isn’t enough to get invited to family events.

Lowly Instagram following aside, Zettel shares distinct similarities with cousins Kylie and Kendall – and occasionally, they even hang out together. See for yourself:

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