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Um, Khloe Kardashian Was Just Spotted Wearing A Huge Engagement Ring

So, this is a thing

In the months that have followed Tristan Thompson’s cheating scandal, reports about Khloe Kardashian and the NBA player’s relationship have been surfacing almost daily. But finally, it seems we know what the mother-of-one has chosen to do with her decision spelt out in the form of a huge diamond engagement ring. 

After taking to Twitter overnight to break her silence about staying with Thomspon – saying that she is proud of her strength and that it took “enormous rebuilding” – Kardashian was spotted with some telling new jewellery on her ring finger.

In a photo taken by TMZ, the couple is seen having dinner at a steakhouse Sunday night, but it’s hard to focus anywhere other than Khloe’s left hand.

Despite everything, a source recently said that Kardashian still sees a future – and wedding bells – with Thompson.

“Khloé wants to get married eventually, but there are no serious wedding talks yet,” a source told People in May.

“She does talk about a future with Tristan, though. She believes they can figure things out and have a happy life together. True is doing great, too. And Kris [Jenner] is so proud of all her grandkids. She constantly shows pictures of all the babies.”

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