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Kim Cattrall Made A Playful Dig About Her Absence On The ‘Sex And The City’ Reboot And It’s Peak Samantha

We wouldn't expect anything less.

As we all know, the Sex And The City reboot is officially underway. Titled ‘And Just Like That’, the show will follow Carrie, Charlotte and Miranda as they navigate love, life and the big city in later life. While fans are excited to watch this new chapter play out, there’s one huge thing missing – Samantha.

Kim Cattrall broke hearts around the world when news broke that she wouldn’t be rejoining the cast and reprising her role as the iconic Samantha. While the rumour mill has been overflowing with possible theories (namely her falling out with Sarah Jessica Parker), it seems Cattrall has a theory of her own.


Surprisingly, it all starts with a Star Trek fan account, who claimed that Cattrall had been chose to take part in NASA’s Artemis I mission. If you’re wondering where the connection is, Cattrall actually starred as Emmy in the 1987 film, Mannequin and as Valeris in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. That means she’s definitely qualified for the job, right?

In good spirits, Cattrall responded to the viral tweet with a photo of herself in a NASA suit. The photo is believed to be taken in 2013 when she visited the U.S. Space and Rocket Centre.

Of course, it wasn’t long before a fan theory circulated that Samantha travelling to space is the perfect excuse or her absence. In one viral tweet, a user wrote “the lengths she’ll go to avoid being in the new Sex And The City.

Cattrall herself then reshared a Slate article titled ‘The Exquisite Fantasy That Kim Cattrall Was Going to Space Instead of Doing the Sex and the City Revival.’ She captioned the Instagram post “Cosmo(politan)naut…”

This is the first post the actress has made which addresses her absence from the show, and naturally, fans are loving it.

One person wrote, “I’m sorry but Kim Cattrall going to motherf**king SPACE instead of doing the Sex and the City reboot is the biggest Samantha move of all time. Absolute God-tier move.”

Another said, “They should also have this be the explanation as to why Samantha’s not around on the show. She’s in space.”

“Kim Cattrall flying around the moon instead of joining the Sex and the City reboot is such iconic behaviour,” wrote another fan.

This all comes after Sarah Jessica Parker shared a sweet photo of her co-stars Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis last week.

So, while sadly, neither Kim nor Samantha will be flying to space, it’s fun to think of her up there with a drink in hand, watching the reboot from her rocket.

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