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Kim Kardashian Wants Khloe To Break Up With Tristan Thompson

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While Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson have both managed to avoid addressing those cheating allegations, one family member who has been vocal in their distaste for the NBA player is Kim Kardashian. 

Speaking to Ellen DeGeneres in the wake of the scandal, Kim called the whole thing “fucked up,” before unfollowing Thompson on social media. 

But instead of leaving Cleaveland and returning home to LA with newborn daughter True, Khloe decided to stay in Thompson’s hometown and – by the looks of it – work things out with her cheating partner.

“Kim is counting down the days ’til Khloe gets her shit together and kicks Tristan to the curb,” a source told Hollywood Life over the weekend.

“It’s driving Kim insane that Khloe is still with Tristan because she deserves so much more. But Kim knows that she can’t tell Khloe what to do — she has to make that decision alone.”

The source continued: “She knows it isn’t going to work out between them, and that it’s only a matter of time before Khloe comes to her senses.”

When – and if – Khloe does finally end things with Tristan, Kim will be right there to help her sister get through the break up. “When that happens, Kim has vowed to totally be there for Khloe, and to help her any way that she can.”

“Until then, Kim is just being a loving sister, and letting Khloe know that she supports her and loves her.”

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