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Kirsten Dunst and Dakota Fanning Are Making A Film Adapation Of Your Favourite Book

We guarantee you had quotes from this book etched into the end papers of your school notebook

Sylvia Plath’s The Bell Jar is coming to the big screen, and all your teenage angst-y dreams have come true.

Kirsten Dunst will direct the film – marking her debut behind the camera – and Dakota Fanning will star. Fanning will play the novel’s main character, impressionable young journalist Esther Greenwood, who heads to the Big City to undertake a magazine internship before suffering a mental breakdown.

Dunst will not only direct but will produce and has also penned the script.

File this one under: of course. We guarantee that Dunst – forever immortalised in our minds as a Sofia Coppola heroine – has been a fan of Sylvia Plath and her introspective, semi-autobiographical novel, like every teenage girl ever, since the dawn of time. Thus it ever was, and thus it shall be.

Dunst’s The Bell Jar adaptation will be released in 2017.

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