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Kristen Stewart’s New Movie Booed At Cannes

The actress’ psychological thriller has divided audiences at the French film festival

Kristin Stewart has had a busy week: Doing press for Woody Allen’s Café Society. Defending her decision to work with the controversial director. Walking the red carpet with former girlfriend Alica Cargile. Being at the same film festival as her very recent ex-girlfriend, French singer Soko. And now, her latest big screen offer, a psychological thriller called Personal Shopper, debuted to jeers when it screened overnight. 

However, the news isn’t all bad for Stewart. The noir offering, which reunited her with The Clouds of Sils Maria director Oliver Assayas, has also notched up some pretty glowing reviews from critics. 

Stewart maintained a light-hearted response. “Hey, everyone did not boo,” she said with a laugh when asked about the crowd’s reaction. 

She and Assayas also have history on their side. Audiences at Cannes have a long history of booing movies that go onto to be successful such as Taxi Driver, Marie Antoinette, Inglorious Bastards, and Pulp Fiction.

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