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The Trailer For Kylie Jenner’s New Reality TV Show Is Here

'Life Of Kylie' starts this July.

News of Kylie Jenner’s reality TV show – Life Of Kylie – really wasn’t very surprising. Whether you love her, hate her, or couldn’t care less about her, there’s no denying that this teen is fast-tracked to be the most famous of the Kardashian-Jenner clan. 

At just 19, Kylie is already the second highest earner of her family, thanks to her ridiculously popular makeup brand, Kylie Cosmetics. 

Her loyal Instagram following of 93.4m watch her every move, so of course, E! was always going to eventually turn that into revenue of their own. 

Finally, the first trailer of her new show is here, which Kylie shared to Twitter a few hours ago. 

The clip flicks between neon-lit lightening bolts and Kylie’s famous lips with a voiceover from the beauty mogul.

“When you grow up on camera, everybody feels like they know you, but they don’t.”

“Nobody has a perfect life. Now I can find what really is going to make me happy. There’s an image that I have to keep up with, then there’s me: Kylie.”

Life Of Kylie premieres on July 6th on E!

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