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Laura Byrne Reveals The Reason Behind Her Very Public Fight With Matty J

The culprit was one too many champagnes…

The couple fell in love on reality show The Bachelor a year ago, but it seems they are well and truly out of the honeymoon phase, with Laura talking candidly about her meltdown moment earlier this year.

The Sydney-born jewellery designer revealed on KISS FM’s Kyle and Jackie O show the reason behind their very public tiff at the Melbourne Grand Prix.

Laura and Matty J laughed off the scuffle with Laura prefacing her meltdown with, “The champagne was free, can we just start with that?”

Admitting that they were both a bit tiddly, Laura revealed that she got “crazy jealous” after Matty J took a selfie with a female fan.

“I was like, ‘Why are you looking at her? What are you doing?’ Like proper white girl wasted” Laura said.

Matty J on the other hand laughed off the tiff, telling the radio hosts, “I was trying to explain it was just for a photo but it got pretty messy.”

The couple revealed to Who in February that they have spoken about marriage, so this argument seems to be a little bump on an otherwise happy road.

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