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Laurina Just Gave Us The Bachelor In Paradise Moment We Needed


Just when you’re losing hope, when you’re not sure you can keep watching the puppet show that is Bachelor in Paradise for one more second, you find an unlikely heroine in Laurina Fleur.

During last night’s rose ceremony, despite the girls agreeing to keep Gepetto Daniel around because more than a few of the girls were interestd (or sorry was it because they were puppets on his string?), Laurina pulled a swifty and saw the light in the nick of time.

Deciding instead to give her rose to newcomer dubbed ‘American Jared’, she said Daniel “gives her the creeps”. Us too, Laurina.

“Towards the end of the cocktail party, Daniel sits there and he looks at me and says the most slimy, chauvinistic, derogatory comment… I realised this guy isn’t having a healthy affect on the environment here,” she said.


Following his exit, unsurprisingly, Daniel didn’t seem fazed one bit about being booted.

 “Am I upset or heartbroken that I’m leaving? No. I’m more upset that I didn’t get to work out in the gym. A lot of these ladies are getting kind of stale, you know? Stale bread. I’m not losing. I’m not losing. I’ve slept with lots of beautiful women. And so, I mean, it’s not like I’m losing out, like I said. I’m not hurt by any means.”

Following last night’s show, Daniel took to social media to declare us Aussie’s just didn’t understand his “dry and sarcastic” humour. Ahh, is that what it was…

“This is for all the sensitive and insecure people who are too slow to get my dry and sarcastic humour.”

He claimed he was “f***ing around most of the time” and suggested he “should get into acting”.

“I will say or do just about anything just to get a reaction from cast or viewers,” he added.

We invented dry and sarcastic mate, you’re just a douche.

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