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Woman Documents Lavish Holiday On Instagram Before Being Arrested With $30 Million Worth of Drugs


Looking at Melina Robarge’s Instagram account, you could be forgiven for getting lost in her feed looking at all her #holidayinspo pics.

Documenting her travels with an array of envy-inducing Instagram posts, Robarge appeared to be living the dream. She even captions one of the photos “Once in a lifetime trip”.

However that dream came crashing down when she was reportedly arrested along with her friend Isabelle Lagace with 95 kilograms of cocaine in their luggage.

Police stopped the pair as they arrived in Sydney onboard the luxury cruise liner The Sea Princess, along with another man identified as 63-year-old Andre Jorge Tamine.

The drugs had an estimated street value of $30 million and is reportedly Australia’s biggest drug bust on a boat or plane, reports the Daily Telegraph.

The maximum pentaly for this offence is life in prison.

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