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Lena Dunham Publishes Surprise Book From Diary Entries

And it's already sold out!

Lena Dunham has been busy – from publishing her first book, Not That Kind Of Girl in 2014, to wrapping up season 5 of her HBO show Girls, and now she has surprised us all by publishing a new book out of the blue! The book is called Is It Evil Not To Be Sure? and it has been put together from her diary entries from a decade ago.

Lena Dunham has released an excerpt from the book on Lenny Letter, and it looks like some of the topics that will be covered include her sexual awakening, anxiety and questioning of right and wrong. The diary entries come mostly from her sophomore year at Oberlin College.

She writes: “Some things were just as I remembered them, like the amount I napped, the pride I took in letting my hair knot. And some surprised me. I’ve spent my entire 20s believing that my cynical, at times comically revolting, vision of sex was a result of being assaulted (which happened a few months after these diary entries stopped). But these “creative snippets and observations” remind me that I always had a dour approach to the act, a sense it was some weird piece of theater that left everyone exposed and no one satisfied.”

The book is a 56-page long collection of her diary entries, and Dunham has said that all proceeds will go to the non-profit organisation Girls Write Now, which helps to pair young women with writing mentors for workshops and opportunities to be published.

Before you get too excited about the release, it doesn’t seem to be available in Australia yet and it sold out in the US in 24 hours, though it is still available as an e-book. But never fear, we’re sure it will make it to our shores soon.

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