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Let’s Talk About Discharge

It’s a horrible, over-hyped social media stunt. But at least the ‘Panty Challenge' has women talking about something important

Discharge. It’s not something we often talk about, because let’s be honest, it’s kind of gross. But right now the Internet is all a lather about the ‘D’ word because of something called the ‘Panty Challenge’. According to a slew of news stories, women have started sharing snaps of their clean underwear on social media to prove they don’t have any vaginal discharge.

Don’t worry, we’ll wait here while you take a moment to really absorb just how strange and unsettling this ‘challenge’ is.

Thankfully, it looks like the Panty Challenge is not much more than an overblown storm in a social media post and there is little proof that women are whipping off their knickers en masse.

But here’s the silver lining: at least all of this has gotten women talking about discharge, a word most of us haven’t uttered since an uncomfortable P.E. class in high school. Discharge might have a high ‘eeww’ factor but its actually a really healthy sign our bodies are working the way they should. (If you really want to know, discharge is just your vagina going about it’s important every day business of shedding cells and fluids.)

This is all a good reminder that despite the fact we all have vaginas, when it comes to things gynecological we are often uncomfortable and ignorant which can be downright dangerous. It’s important that we all know what’s normal and what’s not. Which is why you can consider us officially #ProDischarge.

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