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Madeleine McCann Update: Police Following New Lead In Bulgaria

Madeleine would now be 14
Madeleine McCann disappeared from her family's hotel room in Portugal in 2007. Photo: Getty

Police are tracking down a fresh lead in the 10-year Madeleine McCann case, with new investigations taking them to Bulgaria.

They’re searching for a potential suspect dubbed “the woman in purple”, a widow whose husband was a convicted paedophile, The Sun reports.

The couple were working as domestic help near the Algarve holiday apartment in Portugal when Madeleine McCann vanished. Locals had reported them to police in the days following the three-year-old’s disappearance, but they were never investigated until British police revisited witness statements recently.

Various statements mention the woman was seen nearby the apartments, and that the couple disappeared soon after Madeleine.

Police had been unable to locate the ‘woman in purple’ until a new breakthrough led them to Bulgaria, according to The Sun.

The new lead comes after details of similar crimes and an at-large paedophile in the area at the time came to light in April this year.

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