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“We’re a Package Deal.” Man Proposes To Girlfriend PLUS Her Sister With Down Syndrome

"And of course we both said yes"

Indiana woman Ashley Schaus and her sister, Hannah Schaus—who has Down syndrome—are not only blood relatives but best friends.

“I am very protective of her,” Ashley told How He Asked. “We’ve done everything together.”

When Ashley began dating Will Eaton in 2010, she explained to her boyfriend that she and her sister “were a package deal”.

“You had to accept her, love her, and include her in everything because she and I would attached at the hip forever,” she told him.

It was only fitting that when Will decided the time was right to ask for Ashley’s hand in marriage, Hannah played a part in the proposal too.

Will popped the question in a field of spring flowers, where the couple posed for family photographs every year.

“Halfway through, I suggested the Will and Hannah take some on their own, and he said, well that works perfectly because he “has a surprise for her”….” Hannah explained.

“He got down one knee, using my grandmother’s ring, and asked Hannah if she’d be his best friend forever. I didn’t even think about myself, I was just so happy to have her experience such a sweet moment.”

Hannah said the proposal was an incredibly special moment for both her and her sister.

“After she said yes, I looked over at Will and he immediately gave me a wink. Then, he turned to me, got down on one knee again, and asked me for my hand in marriage,” she recalled.

“I cried. Hannah cried. We all cried. And of course we both said yes. It was the most amazing moment of my life.”

As Fox 59 reports, Will, 25, and Ashley, 23, met at a car show.

Ashley hinted that Will and Hannah will share best friend vows at the wedding and will dance to Harry Nilsson’s song “Best Friend.”

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