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Man Receives Brutal Response To Rejection After A First Date

She said she wasn't interested first. He said he also wasn't interested. Then he received this...

Anyone who has tried online dating knows that rejection, ghosting and even bread crumbing is all part and parcel of the experience.

In fact, there’s a certain etiquette that comes with letting people down, or deciding that you will stay in touch, but only as friends.

And that’s why one man’s particularly terrible experience with dating etiquette is now going viral on Reddit.

ToastedCookieOats shared a thread titled ‘Today after a 1st Date. I guess I’m not allowed to like her?’, sharing screenshots of a text message exchange after his first date with a girl.

After politely messaging her to say he had a nice time, she replied saying that he seems nice, but she just wants to be friends. Normal exchange, right?

He then replied that he felt the same way and was glad they were on the same page, and that’s when things turned UGLY.

Read the text exchange for yourself…

So let’s get a couple of things straight…

It’s definitely not ok to make fun of someone for a genetic trait like baldness, belittle them for their salary or dish out more criticism than you can take back. 

The Reddit thread generally got behind the man, and one commenter even likened it to a “You can’t fire me! I quit!” situation.

Online daters, be careful out there.

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