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Everything We Know (So Far) About The Fourth And Final Season Of ‘Manifest’

Like 'Lost', but make it soapy.

There’s something about those supernatural-turned-real-life TV shows that really hook us in. There’s the relatable storyline, then the shocking twist. And, if it’s good enough, the subsequent storyline will hold our intrigue for seasons to follow. Manifest sums that up.

The NBC drama series follows the passengers of a plane which disappears off the face of the earth, only to reappear in New York five years later. If you’re getting Lost vibes here, you’re not alone. 

While the show itself has that air of soap-style predictability, there’s just something about the storyline and the narratives of each character that keeps us coming back. For three seasons to be precise. 

While the show itself was an NBC drama, Netflix picked it up in the US in 2021. For almost an entire month, it remained firmly at the top of its most-watched list. Virgin River then came along and (quite understandably) stole the #1 slot. 

That popularity proved to define the fate of the show. While NBC had apparently drawn the curtains on the intriguing narrative, Netflix decided it was worthy of a second wind—hence, season four came into fruition. 

Here, we look at everything you need to know about the fourth season of the show that’s gripped a legion of loyal followers. 

(Credit: NBC / Netflix)

What is Manifest about? 

Manifest is a supernatural drama set in the US following the narratives of the passengers and crew members on flight 828 from Jamaica to New York City. As far as those on the plan are aware, the flight leaves the Caribbean and lands in the US right on schedule, though they encounter some turbulence along the way. But after touching down, they discover an entire five and half years has passed since they took off from Jamaica. 

The characters, presumed dead by friends and family who’ve been on the ground, attempt to rejoin society, but things have changed, as have the people they love. Combined with supernatural “callings” presenting events in the future to the passengers, the series takes a swift turn into unchartered territory. 

Who is in the cast of Manifest? 

Melissa Roxburgh plays one of the show’s key characters Michaela Stone, a detective who was on the flight. Josh Dallas plays Michaela’s brother Ben Stone, a college professor who was also a passenger.

Ben has twins Olive (played by Luna Blaise) and Cal (played by Jack Messina) with his wife Grace (played by Athena Karkanis). 

Another NYPD detective Jared Vasquez (played by J. R. Ramirez) puts a spanner in the works for Michaela, who was formerly engaged to him before he married her best friend. 

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Will there be a season 4 of Manifest?

Yes! In an exciting update, Netflix confirmed in August 2021 that Manifest would be renewed for one last season. 

It was touch and go for a short while as NBC technically cancelled the series when it was picked up by Netflix. But after its whirlwind success on the streaming giant, it was all systems go once again. 

When will Manifest season 4 be released? 

Netflix is yet to confirm the official release date of Manifest season 4, but we do know that it should be released at some point this year, because filming is currently underway (and if we’re lucky, it might have already wrapped up!). 

Sharing the exciting development on Twitter back in November 2021, Raminez wrote on Instagram: “It’s only day one and you can already feel the Level of Appreciation this group has for the Magical Ride that is Manifest!”

What will happen in in the plot of Manifest season 4?

Netflix has confirmed the series will be back for a 20-episode season where we’ll finally witnessed all those loose ends that we’ve so desperately pondered for three seasons, all tied up. 

It will also bring back our beloved regular cast members, Josh Dallas and Melissa Roxburgh alongside J.R. Ramirez.

With a script under way, exact plot details of season 4 are under wraps at present, but stay tuned—we’re sure there’ll be plenty of sneak peeks to come. 

Where can you watch Manifest in Australia?

You can watch all three seasons of Manifest on Netflix. Login or sign up to watch it here

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