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Margot Robbie Once Prank-Called Prince Harry

She got his number from Cara Delevingne

She introduced her husband to Barack Obama at the gym and once saved her mum from a diamond python, but Margot Robbie’s got plenty more outrageous stories where those came from: including the time she prank-called British royalty.

In a pre-Oscars interview with The Sun, the Australian actress opened up about the antics she and co-star Cara Delevingne got up to while filming Suicide Squad.

“Cara knows Harry and while we were filming Suicide Squad she was like, ‘let’s prank-call him,’” Robbie explains. “I said, ‘we can’t prank-call royalty’, but anyway we did – and he was so cool with it.”

Sadly, Robbie doesn’t go into the details (what did she say?!), but confirms Prince Harry can take a joke.

Things got awkward months later, when Robbie ended up crammed in a party photo booth with the Prince, along with his cousin Princess Eugenie, Sienna Miller, Poppy Jamie and Delevingne.

As you do.

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