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Marie Claire Launches Its Sustainability Issue

Join the campaign to save our seas!

Australia is surrounded by breathtaking coastlines that are increasingly under threat. Over 8 million tonnes of plastic enters the world’s oceans every year, and climate change, overfishing and coral bleaching are all wreaking havoc on our beautiful blue seas.

But it’s not too late to reverse the damage – in this special issue, marie claire celebrates the women committed to ocean conservation: celebrities, fashion designers, scientists and future-shapers who are uniting for change.

Our Meet The Water Warriors portfolio features model and activist Robyn Lawley, fashion designer Kit Willow, Young Conservationist of the Year Sophia Skarparis, surfer Stephanie Gilmore, actress Elsa Pataky, model and marine biologist Laura Wells, scientist Adriana Verges, and young filmmakers Danielle Ryan and Madison Stewart.

Elsewhere in the issue, we launch our #StartSomewhere campaign – which sees everyday Australians share their simple eco hacks for a more sustainable future – and showcase ethical fashion finds and conscious beauty for a cleaner, greener planet.

The November issue of marie claire is on sale now.

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