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Are ‘Married At First Sight’s’ Tahnee And Ollie Still Together?

They're the experiment's most promising couple.
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Tahnee and Ollie were the youngest couple in Married At First Sight Australia (MAFs) history to walk down the aisle. 

And yet, the young couple also had one of the most promising romances of the season. 

From their instant spark to their sweet commitment ceremony conversations, this is one couple that we loved to watch. 

But has their blossoming romance lasted since the show ended? Let’s find out. 

Who Are Ollie Skelton And Tahnee Cook? 

Tahnee is a 27-year-old PR manager from New South Wales, who came onto the show because she’s sick of dating apps and situationships.

Ollie is a 26-year-old voice-over-artist from Western Australia who, just like Tahnee is sick of dating apps and came onto the show to find something real.

The Wedding 

Ollie and Tahnee really did fall in love at first sight. The pair seemed besotted as soon as they clapped eyes on each other, and quickly bonded over their mutual obsession with Thai food and a shared sense of humour. 

Ollie was quick to admit that he felt “pretty stoked,” and that Tahnee was “gorgeous.” Tahnee was similarly chuffed, telling the cameras “he’s so handsome!”

Tahnee and Ollie
Tahnee and Ollie say their vows. (Credit: Channel Nine.)

Moving In Together 

Unlike a lot of the other MAFS couples who struggled with the move in stage of the experiment, the show’s youngest couple took it all in their stride. In fact, for Tahnee and Ollie, shacking up together seemed to only make their feelings grow. 

Whether the couple were planning dates during intimacy week or cuddling up in bed, the pair remained loved up and refreshingly drama free. 

Tahnee and Ollie
Ollie plans a date for Tahnee. (Credit: Channel Nine.)

The Commitment Ceremonies

As you might have expected, Ollie and Tahnee sailed through their commitment ceremonies without batting an eyelid.

In fact, the couple became almost too adorably predictable with their mutual ‘stays’ every commitment ceremony but we’re not complaining—these two kept us believing in love and pretty much became the show’s only hope for a success story. 

Tahnee and Ollie
Tahnee and Ollie share a kiss on their honeymoon. (Credit: Channel Nine)

Final Vows

Given that Tahnee and Ollie live on opposite sides of the country, in Sydney and Perth respectively, MAFS fans were left wondering if perhaps the potential distance between the pair could deter the couple from making their final commitment to one another. 

But we needn’t have worried, with both Tahnee and Ollie committing to one another in their emotional vows at the final ceremony. Finally, proof that love is indeed real and this experiment can actually work.

Are Ollie Skelton and Tahnee Cook Still Together? 

Unfortunately, Tahnee and Ollie have split up after a year and a half together. 

During that time, the couple moved in together and signed a 12-month-lease on a house in Sydney, with Ollie making the move from Perth to Sydney to be with Tahnee. 

“Once filming wrapped in December, Ollie never really returned to Perth and has been living with Tahnee ever since,” an inside source told the Yahoo at the time. 

However, just in December 2023, the pair took to social media to announce their split. 

“Just as I share the highlights of my life on here, it’s only fair for me to share when things aren’t always fun,” Tahnee wrote. 

“Sadly, Ollie and I have decided to part ways. Our lives are taking us in different directions and we feel at this stage it’s the best decision for us.

“From meeting as strangers who got ‘married’, to genuinely finding love, I’m pretty proud of the time we’ve shared. Our journey together has been such a roller coaster but sometimes relationships just don’t work out—no matter how much you want them to— and that’s okay.”

Tahnee explained that she was thankful for what the past 16 months had taught her and that heartbreak is “worth it in the pursuit of love.” 


Ollie and Tahnee have split. (Credit: Instagram)

Ollie also made an Instagram post with a photo of the pair and video of them dancing the night before they announced their split.

“Hello, Tahnee and I have split up. It’s sad, but it’s okay,” he wrote. “What a ride! A journey filled with love, laughter, challenges, and in the last month, reflection. I think we tried really hard to make it work.

“There is such a separation from Skye Suites to real life that I think is really hard to account for and (albeit not without trying) was an adjustment that we struggled to make.

“I kinda have this pipe dream of us being like Jerry and Elaine from Seinfeld post-breakup, a very hard thing to do obviously, but the sentiment at its core is that I plan to try to be someone who champions Tahnee and can be there for her as a friend.”

Ollie added, If friendship was the foundation of us before love, I like to think it might be something we can share in the aftermath.

“That video is from last night, so I think we’re on the right track.”

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