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Ex Married At First Sight Cast Blocked On Instagram

The drama continues...

With just weeks to go until the highly-anticipated premiere of Married At First Sight, it would seem the drama just couldn’t wait. 

Last year’s cast of the Channel Nine social experiment have claimed they are now blocked from the Married At First Sight official Instagram page. 

In previous years, stars of reality series have often taken to the social media platform to complain and mock their on-screen portrayals.

Dean Wells, who notoriously copped negative backlash for his “affair” with Davina Rankin last season, said Nine’s move was “very disrespectful”, adding claims MAFS made “a billion dollars” for Nine “at the expense of our reputations and livelihoods”. 

“Channel 9 has barely even spoken to any of us since the show ended to see how it has affected our lives, (hint* it’s totally disrupted it) but yeh no worries. Thanks for that,” Wells continued.

“Ps I still get yelled at in the streets…the Australian public deserves to know the truth behind this ‘show’ thank god we can now control our own media.”

Even the less controversial members of the cast were removed.

Melissa, from last years series, took to Instagram to share with her followers, “So that’s how you get treated when you keep your mouth shut and play by the rules. Very classy.”

Sarah Roza also wrote, “Maybe they’re worried I’ll spill the beans on what REALLY happened behind the scenes and expose their negligence, lack of duty of care and mistreatment of pretty much ALL of us on the show.”

Unsurprisingly, Nasser Sultan was also blocked by the account. 

He told his followers, “If you ever wanted to know what reality TV is like behind the scenes, this is it. The series five cast now officially blocked from the @MAFS page as they groom the new bunch. Which is funny, since we’re all still locked into contracts with Nine, who are still banning us from taking on new work and making a living.”

But it’s not just last season’s stars who’ve been shut out. Even Season Four groom Jesse Konstantinoff has been blocked, “Even the nice guy gets the #door shut on him,” he wrote in a post.

A Nine spokesperson said: “We have blocked participants in the past, so there is nothing unusual about it. We are focused on the upcoming new season of Married At First Sight, and the journeys of the new participants.”

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