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‘Married At First Sight’s’ Fourth Commitment Ceremony Was Full Of Betrayal

As the social experiment reaches its halfway point

Married At First Sight is officially at the halfway mark and the fourth commitment ceremony saw each couple battle the social experiments challenges. 

Speaking to the experts, Cyrell says she unleashed her “monster” on the day that she lashed out at Martha for the Jessika and Nic rumour. “My husband, I know in my heart, is considering to leave me,” she says in tears. Nic did choose to leave, but Cyrell’s ‘Stay’ secures them another week of marriage. 

New bride Susie continues to belittle groom Billy. “I can’t sit here and hear the way you talk. It’s doing my head in,” expert John says and Susie looks shocked. John calls her behaviour toxic and makes it clear that she’s a big reason that this relationship is suffering. “Let me give you some feedback,” he says to Susie sternly. “Do you think that you’re better than Billy? Because you talk as though you do see yourself as being better than him. Here’s what it sounds like. ‘You’re not a man’, ‘You’ve got no balls’, ‘Use your big boy voice.'”


Mick chooses to leave after growing tired of Jessika’s dramatic antics. “I deserve better,” he says. Jess has chosen to stay, of course. Given they both have to stay, Mick has a simple request. He wants Jess to act like she cares about him.

Everyone farewells Mel and Dino, who unsurprisingly both write leave after the recording debacle, and John informs the remaining eight couples that they’re heading to the grooms’ homes for the next week.

Below, the best Twitter reactions to Episode Twenty-One of MAFS.

WATCH: MAFS Dan And Jessika Get Very Cozy. 

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