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Sophie Guidolin Confirms Breakup with MAFS Star Jake Edwards In A Cryptic Instagram Comment

The off-screen drama never ends, either.

Married At First Sight may have stopped airing several weeks ago but the off-air drama is still alive and well. Jake Edwards, the ex-football player who was married to Beck Zemeck is under fire again following his recent breakup with girlfriend Sophie Guidolin.

Over the weekend, Sophie took to social media to confirm the news people had already suspected. In screenshots obtained by So Dramatic! Sophie confirms the breakup news in the comments section of an Instagram post. A follower asked Sophie directly if she and Jake were still together as the media hype of their relationship had recently quietened.

“No, his values & character certainly do not align with my own and I wish him all the best to get the help he needs,” Sophie replied in a now-deleted comment.

Given how cryptic the comment is, it’s tricky to understand what exactly transpired between the pair, but it doesn’t sound good. As with anything, we know there are two sides to every story and Jake will likely have his own version.

To muddy the waters even further, a third person has been added to the mix. Mel Grieg, who is a close friend of Jake’s has also weighed in on the breakup. 

“Sophie felt uncomfortable with our friendship and felt that Jake was crossing boundaries and being disrespectful by being my friend and that played a big part in the break up,” Mel wrote in an Instagram post.

Not long after the post went live, however, Mel said she’d spoken to Sophie and had come to learn there was actually a “bigger issue at play.”

“I’m just trying to hear both sides of the story first, but out of fairness for Sophie it’s important for me to be transparent where I can be,” Mel wrote in an Instagram comment obtained by So Dramatic!

Jake is still following Sophie on Instagram and has kept their former couple photos on his page. Sophie has deleted all photos of the pair and has unfollowed. Jake has now moved back to Melbourne after relocating to the Gold Coast to be with Sophie.

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