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Married At First Sight’s Ryan And Ashley Have Been Spotted Together In Brisbane

Say what now?

While the nation crosses their fingers that Ryan Gallagher doesn’t end up with his wife on the show, cheater Davina Rankin, solid proof that he’s well and truly moved on may have just surfaced. reports that Ryan has been spotted casually picking up groceries with fellow contestant Ashley Irvin in Brisbane – despite the fact that she’s “married” to Troy Delmege.

Facebook user Adam Zerafa stumbled across the pair at a suburban shopping centre and quickly got the sneaky shots (which you can view here).

Although Ryan resides in Sydney, flight attendant Ashley is based in Brisbane.

No-one watching the show will be surprised that they’re not with their on-air partners – Ashley’s “husband”, Troy, has already been spotted canoodling with another contestant, Carly Bowyer, in a public park – but it’s amazing how incestuous this season has become.

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