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Married At First Sight’s Tracey Jewel Confirms Split With Sean Thomsen

And says 'never say never' about ex-husband Dean...

Tracey Jewel and Sean Thompson were one of Married At First Sight’s most controversial couples, getting together after the show after both of their respective relationships didn’t work out.

However after five months together Tracey has confirmed the pair have split, saying she wasn’t ready to relocate to Melbourne to be with him. 

The 35-year-old mother-of-one confirmed the split to New Idea, saying she wanted to end things on good terms before they turned “nasty and bitter”.

“I think we’ve both been in denial, wanting it to work so badly, but it’s just not,” she said. “You just build up that resentment and ill feelings towards each other because you want things to change, but they’re not going to.”

Because of the nature of Sean’s work FIFO, Tracey says there was a lack of stability and commitment.

“My core needs in a relationship are commitment, stability and security, and Sean can’t give that to me,” she added.

“That’s why I can’t move to Melbourne with him, I need my friends and my support around me. I’m not ready to move.”

However Tracey says she is still looking for love and admitted she will “always have a soft spot” for MAFS ex-husband, Dean Wells. 

“I hear what he’s up to – it’s hard not to,” she says. “I’m sure he’ll be happy to hear about this break-up. I reckon he will [call me].”

“The way me and Dean ended things, you never say never. Some couples can take a break and have some space and come back,” she admitted.

“I’m ready and I know what I want.”

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