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MAFS’ Tracey Says She Was Blindsided By Dean’s Cheating

"It wasn’t even on my radar"

Married At First Sight contestant Tracey Jewel says she was completely caught off guard by her on-screen husband Dean cheating with Davina.

On last night’s episode, Dean and Davina snuck away from the dinner party to cuddle outside. There they discussed wanting to be together and ditch their current partners.

Speaking to the Herald SunTracey says she was totally blindsided by the cheating and the fact that Davina was acting really friendly towards her at the same time.

“For her to go after Dean, for one, and also try and befriend me and act like we’re besties – I mean, who does that?” she says. “It’s like a double whammy. It really is like Mean Girls.”

married at first sight
(Credit: Channel 9)

“I am not a cheater, so I just didn’t even register that that could even happen to me,” she continues.

“If you’re not a cheater yourself, you don’t think someone could do that to you,” she explains.

“So it wasn’t even on my radar.”

Tracey Davina

“At the dinner party, she really tries to befriend me,” Tracey says, revealing that her “intuition was pinging at that point.”

“And I was like, why are you telling me to just think about myself – I am in a relationship. And relationships aren’t about just thinking about yourself. You should be thinking about your partner, too.”

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