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Mason Lee’s Mother To Fight Manslaughter Charge

After it was revealed child protection officers visited her just days before Mason's death

Ann Maree Lee, mother of Mason Lee, who died tragically on June 11 after suffering from long-term abuse, will fight the charge of manslaughter, a court has heard.

The 30-year-old’s lawyer, Brendan Ryan, told reporters outside of the court, “She will be fighting the charge of manslaughter.”

“The charge of manslaughter is the incorrect charge.”

Channel Nine reports that a court medical report stated that the 21-month-old child died from a “perforated intestine caused by a severe impact to his upper abdomen in the days leading up to his death”. 

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Doctors told the court they believe the child could have been saved had he received proper medical treatment.

It has also been revealed that child protection officers met with Lee just three days before Mason died, however the child was at the home of her partner, William Andrew O’Sullivan, just a few blocks away, where he lay dying.

According to Seven News, Lee allegedly told welfare officers that Mason was not home, and was staying with his stepfather William O’Sullivan at Caboolture South.  

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O’Sullivan, along with his teenage housemate Ryan Hodson are also facing manslaughter charges after it is alleged the trio failed to seek medical treatment for the child.

Both Lee and O’Sullivan cases are due back in court on September 28. Hodson has been released on bail.

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