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Meet Gloria Allred: The Famous Women’s Rights Lawyer Who Could Be Representing Amber Heard

Heard had a ‘consultation’ with Allred

A new, high-profile, power player has entered the Johnny Depp – Amber Heard divorce saga: Gloria Allred.

With a small figure and a penchant for colourful pantsuits, 74-year-old Allred has a friendly exterior. But don’t let appearances fool you…

Allred is a ball-breaking attorney, who doubles as a publicist and has represented everyone from Scary Spice to Tiger Woods’ alleged mistress Rachel Uchitel.

She splits her time between wrangling the media and passionately defending the rights of women. Why? Well, Allred believes there’s an epidemic of sexual harassment and discrimination across America.

And this week Amber Heard was spotted at Allred’s office, where she apparently had a four-hour meeting. 

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard in happier times.

With such an extensive list of discrimination and sexual-abuse lawsuits in her portfolio, Allred is certainly qualified for the job of Heard’s lawyer.

Back in 1973, she represented Jane Roe in the landmark Supreme Court case Roe v. Wade, which made it illegal for the US to outlaw abortion.

Allred, was hired to represent the family of Nicole Brown Simpson during the O.J. Simpson trial. While she may not have won the case, she was thrust into the media spotlight.

In addition to that, she also represented more than half of the 50 women who accused Bill Cosby of sexual assault.

And remember when paparazzi photographer Daniel Ramos sued Kanye West after the rapper attacked him at LAX? Well, Allred represented Ramos too.

Now, it looks like Allred is about to get involved in one of Hollywood’s messiest divorce sagas. Hear that? It’s the sound of Johnny Depp shaking in his boots.

Via People

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