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Meet The New Crop Of Bachelor’s Vying For Georgia Loves…Love

The Bachelorette is looking... interesting.

Because The Bachelor is turning into the Richie and Nikki show, we have been dying to find out more about the upcoming season of The Bachelorette. So imagine our excitement when Channel Ten released a new preview AND cast photos last night.

You can check out all your new bachelor’s below, and just know that we have picked Cameron as the winner based on his many features in promos and also he looks like he belongs on a magazine cover with Georgia, which is no doubt where they will end up:                        

Georgia clearly has a “type” and we’ve just gotta hope part of her criteria (aside from tall and brunette) is “funny” as we seriously can’t sit through any dull dates. Hamish Blake can’t always be around to provide the LOLs.

Channel Ten have also released a sneak peak at the boy’s first impressions:

The Bachelorette returns on September 21st.

Source: Famous 

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