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Megan Marx Leaves Bachelor Richie Heartbroken

‘I wouldn’t be able to find love in an environment like that’

While we all knew it was coming, Megan Marx’s shock exit from last night’s rose ceremony was none the less shocking.

One of the season’s strongest contenders for Richie’s affection, Marx says she became increasingly uncomfortable in the competitive environment.

“It was honestly me realising I wouldn’t be able to find love in an environment like that,”  the 27-year-old told News Corp

“There were cameras everywhere all the time, it was full on. I was fairly able to be myself, but that just wasn’t enough for me to fall in love.” 

“If anyone told you it’s not weird to be in that situation, they’ve got to be lying,” Marx added to SMH. “I’m not a very dramatic, competitive type of person, I just sort of go with the flow and in that environment it was quite difficult.”

The shock exit came after a dramatic episode which saw three new “intruders” join the show and the episode ended with a heated argument between two if the original bachelorettes.

“Watching it is very different to having experienced it in the flesh,” she said. “I think to fall in love with somebody you have to genuinely know them inside and out and, you know, I’m not suggesting other girls on the show couldn’t do that – I’m sure some of them could – but for me, I wasn’t thinking about Richie, I was thinking ‘oh my gosh, all this drama’.”

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