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Meghan Markle Pens Notes On Bananas For Street Sex Workers

"You are strong"

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex visited Bristol on Feb. 1, and organised care packages to be delivered to women on the streets. 

Meghan made the impromptu move of grabbing a marker and writing uplifting notes like “You are brave” and “You are strong” adorned with little hearts on banana peels while preparing the bags of food to be distributed by One25, a charity that helps sex workers by bringing them food, advice and blankets.

The 37-year-old royal came up with the idea as they were shown the bags being prepared in the organisation’s kitchen.

“Oh, actually do you have a Sharpie marker? I have an idea,” she announced. “I saw this project this woman had started somewhere in the States on a school lunch program.”

Meghan explained, “On each of the bananas she wrote an affirmation, to make the kids feel really, like, empowered. It was the most incredible idea – this small gesture.”

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Declaring “I am in charge of the banana messaging!” Meghan began scribbling on the banana skins, with notes like “You are loved” and “You are special.”

“It was very spontaneous,” Anna Smith, CEO of One25, told People. “They were watching our volunteers pack up bags of food. Meghan just said, ‘Have you got a Sharpie?’ And I thought she was going to sign a bag. She actually signed every banana that went into all those bags.”

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Some of the 150 women who are still street sex-working in Bristol received the parcels containing the actress-turned-royal’s message later that evening. 

The ­night outreach service runs from a fully equipped van, which offers food, first aid, warm clothing, condoms, safety alarms and a safe space to talk.

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