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This Cringe-Worthy Meghan Markle Interview Is Going Viral

Where do we even begin?
meghan markle hairGetty

Well, this is awkward… an incredibly uncomfortable interview Meghan Markle gave to The Late Show host Craig Ferguson in 2013 has resurfaced, and it’s currently blowing up the internet due to its sexist overtones and general cringe factor.

The interview kicks off with the now Duchess of Sussex inviting Ferguson to pinch her to see if she’s real, Harper’s Bazaar UK reports, after which he remarks, “Strangely hairless body you have. You’re quite the dolphin aren’t you? You’re absolutely hair-free.”

Cue awkward giggling from Markle.

To make matters worse, he later expresses a creepy interest in the idea of Markle dressed in her school uniform. Watch the whole thing unfold below:

Mind you, for every person who cringes when they watch the above, there are others who have praised Meghan’s candour in the clip. 

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