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Why Meghan Markle Cried During A Commonwealth Day Service

We would have, too

The world’s favourite royal foursome—the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex—reunited for the annual Commonwealth Day ceremony in Westminster Abbey earlier this week. However this year, in particular, the service held special significance, with 2019 marking the 70th anniversary of the modern Commonwealth and, it’s safe to say that it was an emotional day for multiple members of the British monarchy —Meghan Markle included. 

While all eyes were on the two Duchess’ and their incredibly elegant wardrobe ensembles, a very emotional Duchess of Sussex quickly made headlines when she was caught tearing up during the service. Although one would naturally assume it’s because she’s eight months pregnant and well into her third trimester, it was all thanks to musician Alfie Boe’s acapella rendition of Run by Snow Patrol. 

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Boe’s musical performance appeared to deeply resonate with the Duchess, who donned a fresh off the runway Victoria Beckham outfit for the service, as she was visibly overcome with emotion and could be seen sniffing whilst fighting back tears in footage captured by the BBC.

The special occasion marks the second time the royal family were out in force at an event together within the last month. Last week they joined to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Investiture of the Prince of Wales, which paid homage to Prince Charles’ commitment to his Welsh patronages and charities.

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