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This Meghan Markle Doppelganger Is So Good She Won An Award

The resemblance is uncanny.

From what she wore to Christmas lunch to the contents of her makeup bag – the world is obsessed with emulating Meghan Markle right now.

And for one woman, that task comes easily.

Model and graduate student Lukwesa Morin looks so similar to the actor and soon-to-be-royal that she’s won a doppelgänger contest hosted by dating site Beautiful People.

According to Daily Mail, the 25-year-old was deemed the most convincing doppelganger by Alison Jackson, an artist renowned for her lookalike photographs of celebs. 

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meghan markle
(Credit: Facebook / Lukwesa Morin)

“Since Suits became popular, people have been telling me every day that I look like her, from perfect strangers, to my family,” Morin told the publication.

“And now, since the engagement, I’ve had even more comments with people saying, ‘Are you Meghan Markle? Are you going to marry a prince?'”

“My own mum has said, ‘Oh my gosh, if only Prince Harry met you first!'”

meghan markle
(Credit: Facebook / Lukwesa Morin)

But the Morin admitted she’s ‘not a big fan of red heads’. 

He’s all yours, Meghan. 

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