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Did Meghan Markle Just Reveal Her Due Date?

She has surprised fans

Meghan Markle has left fans speechless after potentially revealing the due date of the next member of the royal family. On her walk to the Royal Christmas Service with Price Harry, Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge Meghan was dressed from head to toe in Victoria Beckham.

Sharing her incredible conversation with the Duchess, Anvil revealed that when asked when her baby was due, Meghan apparently replied, “We’re nearly there.”

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On the walk to the Christmas service The Duchess of Sussex stopped off to chat with friend and photographer Karen Anvil. Anvil promptly tweeting “Got the most beautiful photo today, I can’t wait to show you all. I even got to speak to Meghan about the baby!”

This send Anvil’s followers into a spin! With one responding: “Can’t wait! What did she say?” 

Anvil replied: “Meghan said she was excited, there wasn’t long left to go. She cradled her bump. She was so sweet!”

Another follower asked: “Any hints on a due month?”

Karen revealed: “No… she said ‘we’re nearly there!’ – That sounds soon to me!!!!”

While no official date has been given by the Royal Family it is speculated that Meghan is due in March or April 2019. But after this conversation it appears we could be expecting the Queen’s ninth grandchild a little sooner than anticipated.

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