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Prince Harry Joined Meghan Markle To Say Equality Can’t Happen Without Involving Men

"You can't have a conversation of women's empowerment with just women"

Over the weekend, Meghan Markle was scheduled to take part in a roundtable talk at the One Young World Summit about gender equality, where her husband, Prince Harry, made a surprise appearance.

The Duke of Sussex wasn’t just popping by because he had a free afternoon, either. He was attending to support his wife’s point: that men need to be involved in these discussions if we want any real change to be made.

Meghan, who has been a vocal activist since age 12, discussed the issues of gender equality at length, saying, “What you’re all capable of doing independently is incredible but then when you work collectively, our intention today is to try to create somewhat of a task force to see what we can do within our communities and then use that knowledge to apply it to whatever is happening in all these other communities.”


“In terms of gender equality, which is something I have championed for quite a long time, I think that conversation can’t happen without men being a part of it,” she went on to explain. “You can’t have a conversation of women’s empowerment with just women.” 

According to The Independent, Meghan then referenced Prince Harry, saying that is why it makes “complete sense” for him to join their conversation and telling attendees, “Thank you for letting him crash the party.” She also noted that her husband has been a vocal feminist advocate since 2013.

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