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You Won’t Believe What Meghan Markle’s First Royal Gift Was


Choosing a gift for actress and bride-to-be Meghan Markle might be a difficult task (surely she has everything!), but here’s one present we advise against giving her: an apron. 

However, a document released by the royal family, which lists the freebies they received last year, reveals that someone chose to ignore that simple advice and give Prince Harry an apron to pass on to Markle as her first official gift.

Meghan Markle Prince Harry
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As The Telegraph reports, the present was offered by an “individual” to Prince Harry while he was making a solo visit to Finland in November.

In contrast to Markle’s kitchen appropriate gift, the prince’s presents included a wristwatch, baseball caps, a tin of biscuits, a bottle of gin (we’re jealous of that one), and two fabric gnomes (yes, really). 

Many have pointed out that Markle is an avid cook and that Harry proposed while they were roasting a chook, but others argue the symbolism is hard to ignore.

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