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Meghan Markle’s Princess Preparation Will Include Hostage Training

There's more to the job than tiaras and tea parties

Meghan Markle’s future job certainly has its perks: priceless jewels, gorgeous clothes, a royal title and her very own prince. But it could also make her a target for terrorists, abductors and stalkers. 

Like Princess Diana and the Duchess of Cambridge before her, an important part of Meghan’s preparation for the role will be an intensive personal protection training programme taught by the SAS, Scotland Yard’s personal protection squad or MI5 officers.

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Meghan will learn what to do if the unthinkable happens, including what to do if attacked and how to cope both physically and mentally if taken hostage. She will also be taught how to drive in high pressure situations, and how to transmit a distress signal if she’s held against her will.

TMZ reports that she will master “micro-expressions, key words and other signals to let either her family or law enforcement know if she’s under duress from captors. We’re also told she’ll get some basic psychology training on dealing with her captors. She’ll also be taught how to get out of restraints like duct tape or zip ties.” 

Alex Bomberg, a former Royal Aide and CEO of a British personal security firm, told the Independent, “If you can imagine her being put into a room, being treated as if she was a hostage, the room being stormed by the SAS, she will be put through that training.”

The Queen, Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince Harry have all undertaken similar training. 
Entertainment Tonight reports via a palace source that Meghan plans to “travel…visiting her family and friends” before becoming an official member of the royal family in May when she weds Prince Harry at St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle.

Turns out that she also has to have a makeover before then that’s less Princess Diaries, more G.I. Jane

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