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Meghan Markle’s Future Sister-In-law Arrested

For the second time this year
Meghan Markle

Poor Meghan Markle’s family woes don’t show any sign of slowing down with the news that her future sister-in-law has been arrested over ‘domestic violence’ charges.

The Sun reports that Darlene Blout, 37, who is engaged to the Duchess’ half-brother, Thomas Markle, is facing a charge of fourth-degree assault after a “domestic violence call” at her house in Grants Pass, Oregon.

After spending the night behind bars at Josephine County Jail, Blout was released on bail.

“Last night there was a domestic violence call at the home of Thomas Markle [Jr] and Darlene Blount. Darlene was arrested on assault charges,” a source told MailOnline.

Blout was arrested with the same charge back in January after a. reported alcohol-fuelled incident with Markle.

“Darlene has her problems. Tom’s her meal ticket but is a big guy, so that could be scary,” a source told The Sun. “They’re two sick people feeding off each other.”

Like the rest of the Markle family, Thomas and his fiancé were unsurprisingly left off the invite list when Meghan married Prince Harry on May 19. 

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