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Meghan Markle’s Sister To Release *Explosive* Tell-All Book

But just WAIT until you hear the name

There’s no doubt the world has become captivated by prince Harry’s girlfriend, Meghan Markle. She’s a talented actress, an outspoken feminist and humanitarian and ridiculously beautiful.

But as with any rise to fame (hers no doubt accelerated by her royal relationship), the Suits star is now being faced with the darker side of life in the public eye, with her estranged half-sister set to leak private information about her in an explosive new tell-all book.

Samantha Markle Grant, 51, who shares the same father with the actress, is set to publish a memoir, with the reported working title of ‘The Diary of Princess Pushy’s Sister‘. (Yep, that might just be the best name for a book we’ve heard in quite some time.)

“My book deals with my bi-racial family in a candid, warm, personal and socially important way,” Grant told the Daily Star.

“Maybe when Meghan is more mature and reads the book she’ll understand. Some of it she won’t like, some of it she might,” she added.

Grant, a former model herself but who is now wheelchair bound due to multiple sclerosis, previously made headlines when she said her sister had always had ambition to become a princess but added that, “her behaviour is certainly not befitting of a Royal Family member.”

“Hollywood has changed her. I think her ambition is to become a princess,” she told The Sun. “It was something she dreamed of as a girl when we watched the royals on TV.

“She always preferred Prince Harry — she has a soft spot for gingers.”

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