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WATCH: You Need To See Meghan Markle Stand Up To Sexism At Age 11

Yet another reason we love her
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While she’s best known for her role as the determined Rachel on Suits, it turns out Meghan Markle made a name for herself in TV very early on.

At just 11 years old, Meghan Markle appeared in a segment for Nick News With Linda Ellerbee, where she is seen taking aim at a sexist TV commercial.

In the 1993 video dug up by Inside Edition, Markle points the finger at an Ivory dish soap advertisement which implied only women are responsible for doing the washing up. At the time, their tagline described how “Women all over America are fighting greasy pots and pans”.

But Markle was having none of it. “I don’t think it’s right for kids to grow up thinking these things that just mom does everything,” she explains in the clip. 

“It’s always “mom does this,” and “mom does that.”

Markle wrote a letter to Proctor & Gamble requesting that tagline of the ad to be changed to include all “people” instead of perpetuating gender stereotypes. And the amazing 11-year-old succeed.

“At the age of eleven, I had created my small level of impact by standing up for equality,” the Suits actress and activist recounted in her 2005 UN Women’s speech.

You can watch her television appearance from 1993 below.

Bow down. 

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