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These Are The Unusual Rules Melania Trump Has To Follow While Living In The White House

Now that she's moved in, there's a little housekeeping to take care of...

Now that Melania and Barron Trump have moved into the White House as of this week, there are certain rules that they’ve got to stick to.

The New York Daily News reported that there are certain rules that anyone living as First Family in the White House has to stick to, and some of them are quite unusual.

First things first, when a First Family moves in, it’s taken care of by over 100 White House staff members. They will stock the fridges with your favourite foods, and even stock bathrooms with the First Lady’s favourite products, including the brand names she likes.

Donald Trump and Melania Trump

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There are some quite strict house rules to maintain the privacy of the family. For instance, when the Obamas were living there, they quickly learned that opening windows or leaving the house without informing staff was a definite no-no.

However, when it comes to decorating, there are some definite ‘dos and don’ts’. 

Melania Trump will have free reign of the First Family’s private living quarters, and can change furniture, paint the walls and add their own decorations. There’s even a $100,000 budget set aside by Congress for these changes, so she can let her imagination run wild. There’s even a warehouse full of art and furniture to choose from, if it pleases them.

But there are some parts of the White House that can’t be touched. Nothing can be changed in the historic rooms of the White House, such as the Lincoln Bedroom, the Green Room and the state dining room. The First Family would need approval to change anything, due to their historical significance.

They also can’t make irreversible changes to the White House in general, in order to maintain the history of the building.

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The Trumps will be allowed to leave something behind (as past First Families have), such as the swimming pool that the Kennedys left behind, or the bowling alley that Truman got for his birthday. It will be interesting to see what they choose!

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