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Meet The 80-Year-old Real-Life ‘Gone Girl’

She has been dubbed the 'Black Widow'

Eighty-year-old Melissa Ann Shepard was released from Jail in March this year after serving time for a conviction of attempted murder for drugging her fourth husband just days after their wedding.

Shortly after her release however she was arrested for allegedly violating terms of her parole when she was caught accessing the internet in a public library. With some outlets suggesting she may have been searching for more men.

Upon her release she was given 20 conditions of release due to her being labelled a high-risk offender – one of these conditions was no online access. 

In addition she was also required to abide by a curfew and inform police before starting a romantic relationship, reports the BBC.  

Shepard is due to appear back in court on August 4.

The 80-year-old, who has been dubbed the ‘Black Widow’ and also the real-life Gone Girl, has been married four times, and while she divorced husband number one, the other three haven’t fared so well.

In 1991 Shepard ran over her second husband twice and he was found with a near-lethal dose of drugs and alcohol in his system. She claimed he had raped her it was self defense, she served three years for manslaughter.

Shepard’s third husband died less than a year after they were married and was left $100,000 in his will. The man’s sons allege that she overdosed his prescription medication but this was never proven.

In 2005 she was sentenced to five years in prison for drugging her then-boyfriend with tranquilisers.

Husband number four began to feel ill on their 2012 honeymoon and was eventually hospitalized once the couple returned home. Doctors found high doses of tranquilisers in his blood. She was charged with attempted murder and sentenced to three and a half years.

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