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Melissa McCarthy Reveals She Doesn’t Want To Play Sookie In Gilmore Girls Anymore

Sad news for Gilmore Girls fans!

Melissa McCarthy has revealed some rather alarming news in a recent interview: she is done with playing Sookie in Gilmore Girls.

She finally spoke about the revival – which she has kept rather quiet about – in an interview with Entertainment Tonight

“No, I wouldn’t come back as [Sookie],” she said.

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Apparently, she’d much prefer to come back as another character…

“I would come back [to the series] as Lorelai. And that is a challenge to Lauren Graham!”

The fact that she doesn’t want to play Sookie anymore may not come as a shock to Gilmore Girls fans who have kept up to date with the revival. You might have noticed that McCarthy’s accent sounded different in the revival to the original episodes, and it took a while for her to agree to the new episodes. So perhaps her heart isn’t in it anymore!

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She also had some thoughts abut the final four words of the show, which had been built up for years.

“I had been waiting a long time to know, because [creator] Amy [Sherman-Palladino] had always said she knows exactly how it ends, but now it’s like, ‘Is that the last four words?'”

Of course she’s referring to the way the revival ended: “Mom?” “Yeah?” “I’m pregnant.” At this stage we’re not sure if we’ll be getting any more episodes of Gilmore Girls, but here’s hoping!

Our only clue is this cryptic tweet from Netflix… 

Could this mean Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life Pt. 2?

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