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Men Are Wearing Hijabs To Support Women’s Choice In Iran

In Iran, it is currently compulsory for women to wear the hijab.

A campaign called My Stealthy Freedom is calling for women to be able to choose whether or not they wear the hijab in Iran.

Women have had to cover their hair in public there by law since the Iranian Revolution in 1979, and My Stealthy Freedom has encouraged women to post pictures on Instagram without their headscarf on in rebellion. But now, they’re calling for men to take part in the campaign! 

The movement is called #MenInHijab, and it encourages men to share their story of wearing the hijab on Instagram, and support the cause for women’s right to choose.

And many men have been surprised by their experience with the hijab…

Amoo said: “My sister always wears this black hijab to go to her work. I happened to try it for only one second….Forcing someone to wear compulsory veil means you won’t be your true self anymore.”

Masih wrote: “Now an Iranian father wears hijab and stands beside his daughter. My father and ny causing decided to join #meninhijab. at first they laughed and next sweating. at they end the both said it is a disaster. we can not take it even for a minute how much you (women) suffer when you are forced to wear it every day. The never had such sympathy with us before.”

Babak shared: “Today I will wear Hijab, first to support Iranian women who endure the cruelty of forced Hijab for years. Second, to fight against all imposed limitations in Iranian society, the result of these limitations is nothing but backwardness and cultural poverty for our society. Non-Hijab is not dishonor, dishonor means I look at all these oppressions and limitations for my mother, sister and women of my country and I stay calm.
Hope for a day we could wear freely, talk freely and do freely.

Dariush said simply: “We Iranian boys do not support compulsory hijab”

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