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Mercedes Corby is back in Australia. And Schapelle may soon be too.

After a decade in Indonesia supporting her younger sister, Mercedes has returned to Queensland

Mercedes Corby has quietly moved home to Queensland after a decade in Bali, and hopes her sister Schapelle will return to Australia too.

Mercedes has moved back to the Gold Coast where she has opened a tapas restaurant, according to The Gold Coast Bulletin.

The 42-year-old mother of three separated from her Balinese husband two years ago, and has moved back into her family home, with her children.

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“It’s the home we had before everything happened with Schapelle,” she told Woman’s Day. “It’s where she will live when she comes home.”

Mercedes has opened a tapas restaurant called Laneway Bar and Dining in Coolangatta with pro-surfer Trudy Todd.

She moved to Indonesia in 2005, after her sister was convicted of smuggling 4.2kg of cannabis, in a case that stopped the nation.

Schapelle was released on parole in February 2014, having served nine years in prison. Once her parole period has ended in 12 months, she is free to return to Australia.

“There will always be a shadow over our family,” Mercedes said of the case and her decision to move home. “But I’m tired, and as much as I’d love to continue to fight for her, it’s time to move on and try and put it behind us.”

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